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AiXun P3208 320W Smart Regulated Power Supply 32V/8A Current Smart Voltage For iPhone 6-14 Series

• 320W high power supply, support unlimited function expansion

• Built-in bluetooth WiFi chip, remote software upgrade by iCloud, more convenient

• Type-A/Type-C fast charge output, support PD/QC fast charge protocols

• 60W maximum charging power for single channel, 30W maximum charging power for dual channel

• Including iPhone 6-14 battery protocols, boot up the motherboard of mobile phone with one click for testing

• 3.0inch IPS full view high definition screen, 32V/8A design

•Customized three-channel current and voltage shortcut setting, adjust current and voltage parameters with one click

• Current collection is precise to 0.1mA, switch curve or pointer display models at will


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AIXUN P3208 32V/8A Power Supply 320W Current Smart Voltage For iPhone 6-14 Series

AiXun P3208 regulated power supply is a 320W smart power box with 32V/8A output voltage and current. It comes with Bluetooth WiFi chip which is benefit for convenient software upgrade, PD/QC fast charge protocols that ensure Type-A and Type-C fast charge output, 60W single channel high charging power, iPhone 6-14 battery protocols which support one key boot up, three-channel shortcut setting of current and voltage parameters enables one key current and voltage adjust, and 3.0inch IPS full view high definition screen that can help you observe the current through curve or pointer display models.

AIXUN P3208 32V/8A Power Supply
AIXUN P3208 32V/8A Power Supply
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Weight 1.500 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 15 cm
Name 320W Smart Regulated Power Supply
Brand AiXun
Model P3208
Dimension 129*198.5*85MM
Weight 1230g
Communication Type-C/WIFI/Bluetooth
Screen size 3.0inch IPS (640x360px)
Input voltage 220V/110V 50Hz
Output current 0-8A
Collecting precision 0.1mA
Fast charge protocols PD, QC fast charge
Max power 320W
Max fast charge power 60W
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