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KORAD Programmable DC Power Supply KA3005D ( 30V ~ 5A )

KORAD Programmable DC Power Supply KA3005D ( 30V ~ 5A )

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KORAD Programmable DC Power Supply KA3005D ( 30V ~ 5A )

Features : 

1. All digital control single power supply
2. Built-in 5 groups of parameter storage memory store when power off
4. Keyboard lock to prevent misuse
5. lOmV / lmA high precision and resolution
6. Low noise and ripple
7. CV / CC constant voltage and current mode
8. Highly reliable OCF, OVF, any set protection
9. Output switch control
10. Intelligent temperature control fan, effectively reduce noise
11. Easily replace traditional digital power accurately generate the required voltage and current 0-30V high precision adjustable DC output LOmV and lmA resolution professional power supply design, with intuitive operability Simple and intuitive operation for fast and accurate selection of voltage and current to prevent damage to the load.
The overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection can be set to prevent voltage regulation from exceeding the threshold. You can lock the panel buttons with the keypad lock function to prevent unwanted results in critical test projects 5 user programmable preset settings Just press the recall and save button to call up the user’s stored data and save the user settings.

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Weight 6.0 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 15 cm
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