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LiULON SP-999 Separator

LiULON SP-999 Separator

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LiULON SP-999 Separator

8-Inch Two-Button Built-in Vacuum Separator (3 Channels)

  • * This is the button for setting the temperature. Press it when you need to set the temperature to enter the temperature setting mode test.
  • * This is the confirmation button, press it after setting the temperature.
  • * These three groups are the default temperature memory channels. The default temperature values are CH1.80, CH2.100. CH3.120. You can also change the temperature values of these three quick memory channels according to your usage habits.
  • * This is the “up and down button” for Settings. “Up button” means to increase the temperature. “down button” means to decrease the temperature. his is the display area, showing the current temperature and setting temperature. Press the
  • * set button, here will display the set temperature. This is the Indicator light The indicator light will be on when the heating works.
  • * Press it and the vacuum pump and vacuum valve are activated. At this time, the machine is in
  • * A vacuum state and the screen will be tightly adsorbed. Press it again to turn off the vacuum state and start to break the vacuum, the screen will be automatically released. Heating switch. Press it once, the display area is on, indicating that the heating is on. When pressing it again, the display is off, indicating that the heating is off.


* This product is a vacuum-heating table

  • 1. Turn on the device and set the temperature to preheat. When the temperature is reached, place the screen on it.
  • 2. When using vacuum adsorption, neither the set temperature nor the current temperature can be higher than 125 C, otherwise it will not be able to start.
  • 3. When using the machine, do not use an air conditioner or fan to blow directly at the machine, otherwise, the temperature is inaccurate.


* Note: The temperature of this separator is a real temperature, which is generally higher than

  • 1. That of other separators. 1. The screen with backlight: 80°C. Example: Apple’s various series of screens.
  • 2. The screen without backlight: 100°C. Example: Samsung’s various series of LED screens.
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Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 15 cm
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