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M2-Max 14″ Bubble Removal Machine with Separator

M2-Max 14″ Bubble Removal Machine with Separator

Rs.17,998.00 Rs.21,650.00

M2-max is a 14″ screen repair platform based on the M2 upgrade, it supports Mobile phone and iPad Pro bubble removal and LCD separation, built-in mini vacuum pump. It is characterized by stable quality and economic utility.

To remove bubbles requires an external air compressor of at least 0.7Mpa or 100PSI. It has fully supported tablets up to 14 inches and is compatible with all iPads.



  • Power supply: AC110V, AC220V
  • Working environment: 80-85 ℃, clean, dust-free
  • Efficiency: 30 seconds/piece, with stent 60 seconds/piece
  • Heating way: constant temperature heating
  • Applicable size: ≤14 inches screen
  • Packing weigh: 18.5KG


Packing List

  • 1 x M2-Max Bubble Removal Machine
  • 1 x Pipeline
  • 1 x Seal Ring
  • 1 x Silicone mat
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Weight 18.5 kg
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