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Mechanic iMATX High-Temprature Aluminum Alloy Microscope Platform


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Mechanic iMATX High-Temprature Aluminum Alloy Microscope Platform buy from www.mobiletoolshop.com

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Mechanic iMatx High-Temperature Aluminum Alloy Microscope Platform


  • Platform and microscope fixed base.
  • High-temperature Aluminum alloy Pad phone repair maintenance platform
  • Bring clean, standardized working images to each communication electronic maintenance master and customer, the working environment becomes clean and tidy, and the working plane design is humanized,
  • It is very convenient for cleaning and repairing sundries, removing, cleaning and replacing, Multi-function, multi-purpose, multi-type, materials slot tools need to be on this platform, it can be known and meet the needs of the vast number of communications electronics industry maintenance master.
  • Maintenance platform specifications include the maintenance activities area, removing slot tools and common maintenance supplies placing slot.
  • It is a plane effect combined with the silicone insulation pad.
  • The removing tool slot is composed of multiple sets of hollow cylinders, multiple sets of concave-convex sets
  • Size: 42*32 CM

Package includes:
1 x Aluminum alloy Pad

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 3 cm
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