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Mechanic Sherlock V2.0 Hi-Precision Tester For Motherboard Detect

Mechanic Sherlock V2.0 Hi-Precision Tester For Motherboard Detect from www.mobiletoolshop.com

Rs.3,848.00 Rs.4,999.00

Mechanic Sherlock V2.0 Hi-Precision Tester For Motherboard Detect

Mechanic Sherlock V2.0 multimeter PN Junction / ON-OFF / Voltage HD Digital Display Tester for Detect Motherboard. Mechanic Sherlock V2.0 Hi-Precision Voltage PN Junction Tester for Motherboard detection,Mechanic Sherlock V2.0 Hi-Precision Voltage PN Junction Tester.


  • The probe is made of stainless steel with high hardness, which has been heating treated many times to make it more solid and not easy to damage.
  • Wonderful, PN knot/Pass/Voltage tester.
  • Patient and durable, aviation-grade aluminum.
  • Super sharp, stainless steel replacement probe.
  • Extended interface, unlock more how to use.
  • Liberation of one hand is like an additional assistant.
  • Type-C charging interface can be used continuously for 8 hours with a single full charge.
  • Unlock the new gameplay and dual-table pen visualization. You can read the data without raising your head, avoiding the data errors caused by a hand sliding.
  • The product is designed with a double-layer PCB structure, compact layout, high specification IC and components to ensure the high stability of the product.
  • Access to the Type-C cable can be charged and powered by the device.
  • Red-grounding can be measured with one-handed resistance.
  • Black grounding can be measured by one hand.
  • Four-and-a-half high precision data display, accurately find the fault point.

Tester: The Mechanic Sherlock V2.0 can accurately detect voltage on phone logic board / motherboard using this extremely precise voltage tester tool. This helps diagnose fault lines.

Detection: Detects and tests PN Knot / Pass / Voltage tester all in one.
One Hand Operation: Added feature of one-handed operation for comfort and ease of use.

Recharable: Built in rechargeable battery gives the Sherlock full portability, with stainless Steel high hardness probes give a very precise pinpoint accuracy. The main unit is made from aluminium.

Display: LED Display on main unit and probes give you instant live measurements.

Package includeds:
1 x Mechanic Sherlock V2 Main Unit Tester
2 x Precision Probes

Weight 0.450 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm
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