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MT-102 LCD OCA Lamination and Bubble Remover Machine


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MT-102 LCD OCA Lamination and Bubble Remover Machine


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MT-102 is a cost-effective LCD all-in-one repair equipment. It integrates vacuum pump and air pressure pump, OCA laminating function and bubble removal function, and supports display repairs within 7″, suitable for iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC, Motorola, OPPO, VIVO, Sony and other mobile phone.

  1. Suitable for within 7 inches touch screen device
  2. All in one machine, built-in vacuum pump and air compressor
  3. For LCD, LED, OLED OCA laminating, air bubbles removal
  4. Fast laminating, the 30S/PCS
  5. Double-layer copper plate, heating faster and more evenly
  6. Dual cooling fans
  7. 12 months warranty, online technical support and training is provided


  • Lamination way: Flat-plate lamination type
  • Lamination time: 30-60s
    Lamination temperature: 35-45℃
  • Heating mode: constant temperature heating
  • Defoaming time: 10 minutes
  • Lamination LCD size: up to 7 inches
  • Device size: 535*425*355 mm
  • Input voltage: AC110V /AC220V
  • Device power: 800W
  • Net weight: 56.5 KG
  • Shipping weight: 66 KG

Bubble Remove parameters :

  • Cabin size: Deep 170 mm, Diameter 160 mm (Can hold 15 pieces 7″ LCDs at the same time)
  • Working temperature: Suggested set 35℃ ~45℃ (can be adjustable according to different OCA temperatures)
  • Bubble Remove time: Suggested 10 minutes

Packing list :

  • 1× MT-102 Laminating and Bubble Remove Machine.
  • 1× KO1 Sheet Metal.
  • 2× laminating mat.
  • 2× Sealing ring.
  • 1× MT-17 wooden case.
  • 1× Instruction manual.
MT-102 LCD OCA Lamination and Bubble Remover
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