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Pragmafix RPS Tool for iPhone & Android Phones

Pragmafix RPS Tool for iPhone & Android Phones


Pragmafix 1st in THE WORLD

the only Schematics Products that provide their own measurement tools and connected to our Software, have a feature PC multi meter and Fault Finder – Navigation to thousand mobile phone models, for all
Problem Category and continue upodate since 3 years ago till today, every day 1 new mobile phone models all problem category, all software you use is only Pragmafix, just like we say before, we are not just pdf.
schematics, pdf layout, pdf picture with many color line that make you confuse and dizzy, we are not just bitmap and bitmap multilayer with best all function that we have, we are not just boradview for laptop and
pc mainboard, we are not just collection of laptop and pc mainboard schematics and layout pdf, we are not just have collection of datasheet component in pdf, we are not just have bunch of mentoring books that we
write it, we are not just giving mentoring video, we are not just goive circuit tracking and show in 7 multimeter dioda value on it, we are not just have file flash download cloud storage, yes we have all of that, but we
have something very special, we have device, we have database for hardware measurement value, we have toruble shooting solution in intteractive ways, we navigate and communicate with our device !!

OK, first Lets we explore about our Cheapest Devices, RPS lite Measurement tools, yes its Super Cheap but its Power full, Please take attantion o this all Feature :

RPS lite works like an MULTI meter, RPS can be used for cold test / passive test – such as diode mode – dropdown voltage value test in the same time RPS will measuring resistance ohm ( digital multimeters not do this )
for hot / active test RPS can switching from our software button and it become a volt meter for measure any input and output voltage of various ldo / smps bucks, all of this is displayed on your PC, in our Pragmafix
Multimeter menu, we present it in Digital number just like DIgital and Gauge just like analog multimeter in the same time

RPS also has an ampere / current meter that displayed in digital, gauge and curve so you can see the squency also. The most PHENOMENAL things, 1st in the worlds !! RPS connected to Pragmafix fault finder, detailed
repair navigation thousands of cases for various brands of mobile phone and models and it updates daily on Pragmafix, The measurement results using RPS will be compared with the database of ideal values ( from our
measurement results on the normal mobile phone of this type ) in our database server real time, so if it show a broken line ( red ) it will guided by instructions and shown the circuit path, if there is a short ( yellow )
you will be guided and show a list of suspects. RPS is connected use micro USB cable, no need install USB driver, Retail price is very very cheap !!

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