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Sunshine DT-22AI Voice Multimeter 100% Original

  • Brand: Sunshine
  • Product name: Smart Voice Control Multimeter
  • Model: DT-22AI
  • Net weight: About 450g
  • Display method: LCD
  • Maximum display: 5999 (3 5/6) digit automatic polarity display
  • Measurement method: Double integral A/D conversion
  • Sample rate: about 3 times per second
  • Overrange display: The highest bit shows “OL”
  • Working environment: 0~40?, relative humidity <80%
  • Power: 802045/700-900mA rechargeable battery

Rs.2,999.00 Rs.4,000.00


SUNSHINE DT-22AI Voice Multimeter With Touch Control for Phone Screen Repair, SUNSHINE DT-22AI Multimeter Fully Automatic High Precision Color Touch Screen AC DC Voltage and Current Resistance Measurement.


  • Smart touch / voice control / voice broadcast / special test pen / power on and test / automatic recognition
  • Normal temperature display/Frequency function/Resistance function/Capacitance function/True RMS/Data retention
  • Intelligent voice control, artificial intelligence, can operate when listening to the voice
  • Voice broadcast, real voice reading, loud voice, free eyes during maintenance, no need to swing back and forth
  • High-definition reverse display LCD screen, high-definition 4.3-inch large screen three-display + backlight
  • Clear handwriting, no parallax, easy to use in dark or harsh environments
  • Intelligent high-speed chip, more accurate automatic measurement, avoid errors, anti-burning design, with overload protection function
  • Touch-sensitive and stable, fast measurement, easy to use
  • NCV measurement touch key, long press for 2S to switch between ? and ? on the secondary display
  • Fast capacitance measurement/frequency conversion measurement touch key, long press to turn on and off the flashlight
  • Check the electric field signal strength, the stronger the signal, the fuller the “—-” number of the signal, if there is no signal, it will display “EF”
  • When the resistance of the line under test is >50?, the default is on-off test
  • Meticulous workmanship, reasonable design, insert the test pen smoothly and fast

Package includes:

  • 1 x Host
  • 2 x Test leads
  • 1 x Temperature measurement cable
  • 1 x Charging cable
Sunshine DT-22AI Voice Multimeter
Sunshine DT-22AI Voice Multimeter
Sunshine DT-22AI Voice Multimeter
Sunshine DT-22AI Voice Multimeter
Sunshine DT-22AI Voice Multimeter
Sunshine DT-22AI Voice Multimeter
Sunshine DT-22AI Voice Multimeter
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