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Sunshine SS-599B Bit Cleaner

  • Suitable for soldering station handles such as T210/T26/S21.
  • Strong temperature control: fast heating, fast temperature recovery, small temperature deviation.
  • High-temperature oxidation resistance: work in the range of 350?~450?, slow oxidation speed, no deformation, no hole.
  • Corrosion resistance: The electroplating layer has a fine crystal structure and good corrosion resistance.
  • Fluency: good wettability, fast tin application, full solder joints, no false soldering.

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Sunshine SS-599B Soldering TIP Cleaner

  • Replace the traditional water seepage sponge, which can meet the European and American ROHS standards.
  • No need to add water to avoid iron head cooling, will not break out the solder ball and can improve welding efficiency.
  • To effectively prevent the oxidation of the soldering iron head, increase the service life of the iron head.
  • With a ball top design, the tin slag will not splash on the work table, keeping the working environment clean.
  • When the iron head is inserted into the metal wire, multi-point contact to achieve more clean can effectively improve the work efficiency.
  • This product has a simple structure, and obvious effect, which is widely used in the field of soldering head cleaning.
Sunshine SS-599B Bit Cleaner
Sunshine SS-599B Bit Cleaner
Sunshine SS-599B Bit Cleaner
Sunshine SS-599B Bit Cleaner
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Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm
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